Nurse Sues After Coworkers Dub Her The '41-Year-Old Virgin'


The 40-Year-Old Virgin was a pretty funny movie, so of course it’s also amusing to learn that a 41-year-old coworker has never had sex. Add in an endometriosis diagnosis and you have a comedy goldmine!

A lawsuit filed by Kristen Haight alleges that everyone from doctors to nurses at NYU Langone Medical Center constantly teased and harassed her after learning that she may be a virgin, according to the New York Post. She says that she was repeatedly urged to have sex, and pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Wisoff delighted in showing off his vast knowledge of Jonah Hill movies by referencing The 40-Year-Old Virgin and advising her that sex is “like petting something furry for the first time.”

Haight says things got even worse in 2007 when she was diagnosed with endometriosis. Employees allegedly ignored her pleas to keep her medical records private (not to mention the law), and gossiped about the details of her medical condition. The Post claims that coworkers “wanted to see a bun in her oven.” Perhaps these medical professionals incorrectly believed this would cure her endometriosis, but it seems particularly callous since the condition can also cause fertility problems. Either way, the condition of Haight’s womb isn’t anyone else’s business.

Haight says that her supervisors ordered her to take sick leave, then fired her, and now she’s asking for $45 million in damages. We haven’t heard her coworkers’ version of events. However, if Haight’s story is true, it’s disturbing that a woman’s medical information was exposed so her office mates could make a few more idiotic Judd Apatow references.

Nurse’s “Virgin” Lawsuit [N.Y. Post]

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