Oh My God This Imaginary Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner Drama Is Ridiculous

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Oh My God This Imaginary Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner Drama Is Ridiculous
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Did anyone hear the rumbling of 10,000,000 angry Selena Gomez stans rampaging through the internet streets, earlier? If you missed it, be glad, because it was a colossal waste of time and energy.

Much to everyone’s surprise on Wednesday, it turns out clothes exist, and sometimes, two people wear the same dress. On Twitter, Kendall Jenner retweeted a fan account that reposted a Vogue China photoshoot she’d starred in, wearing Rodarte. “had to take it home from set” she wrote, adding a heart emoji.

Turns out, this was a hate crime because Selena Gomez also wore the same Rodarte dress in her “De Una Vez” music video. As Page Six “reports,” stans quickly flooded Kendall’s mentions, writing things like: “Tragic how kendall felt the need to shade selena, sis is so insecure about being compared to the queen over merely an outfit that she had to desperate tell she looked better? lol that’s so petty!”

It should be clear, however, that Jenner never mentioned Selena Gomez at all. Celebrities often engage with fans because it makes them money and not because they have secret vendettas against pop stars who wore the same dress that they were both paid to, and there is now yet another 200 words on the internet about a meaningless interaction online, further cluttering up a digital space already awash in foolishness and desperation.

Clap! Clap everyone!

Kesha has responded to Caitlyn Jenner’s attempts to “sing” her way through iconic pop hit “Tik Tok,” which spawned exactly 1 million memes across the internet.


#duet with @kaylum_sharp feeling like P Diddy… I think?

♬ original sound – Kaylum Sharp

Thinkin’ everyone feels the same way that Kesha so obviously does.

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