Oh My Sweet Teacup! Is This the World's Smallest Dog?


OH. MAH. GAH. This tiny terrier, from Poland, is named Meysi — and standing at the height of a bottle of nail polish, she might be the smallest dog in the entire world.

From the NY Daily News:

“It’s a miracle Meysi is even alive. When her mother Pusia started giving birth to her litter, I thought at first she had passed a piece of placenta and was about to throw it away when it suddenly started moving,” Pohl told the local paper, the Gazeta Jarocinska.
Pohl kept Meysi warm with her body heat and started feeding the terrier frequently.
“The worst was the first six weeks,” she said. “Zero sleep. I was feeding her day and night, every half hour. Sometimes I ran out of strength, had to call out of work.”

To qualify for World’s Smallest Dog in the Guinness World Records, pups must be a full year old. Meysi is only 3 months and weighs in at 3.25 ounces, but, according to vets, she is unlikely to grow much larger.

You rock, Meysi. Never change.

[Stuff I Stole from the Internet]

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