Ohio Rep. Should Get "Back In The Kitchen," And Other Hilarious Misogyny


A Republican newsletter asked for help getting Rep. Betty Sutton “back in in the kitchen” where she belongs. But we’re sure it’s a joke, just like how we shouldn’t get to vote.

The Daily Kos reproduces this gem from a newsletter for the the Medina County (Ohio) Republican Executive Committee: “Let’s take Betty Sutton out of the House and get her back in the kitchen!” Oh, those cards! Sutton supporters are understandably upset, but Medina County GOP Chair Bill Heck says Democrats are just as misogynist, although he can’t remember exactly how:

I know Democrats said that kind of thing about Sarah Palin, but maybe the reference to the kitchen wasn’t the exact word. It was another sexist female task or location.

We bet Ohio Rep. Betty Sutton is just as thrilled with their little gag as readers were last week with Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Thomas Mitchell’s suggestion that we should repeal the 19th amendment because women are too biased to vote.

See, according to Mitchell, his contention that “Men are consistent. Women are fickle and biased” was just a little harmless pot-stirring. But ladies took it way too seriously! He writes,

Just as I had anticipated, and in fact spelled out in a veiled reference in the second paragraph, my posting was judged by almost every commenter and e-mailer, not on any merits or demerits of facts in evidence or syllogism used, but on the basis of my age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disability, weight, sartorial choices, facial hair, writing ability, mental capacity, sobriety, sanity, political leanings and perversity – the very appellations the politically correct find so jaw-droppingly offensive.

But his description of said “appellations” isn’t totally consistent:

Without once addressing the fundamental postulate that men and women are delightfully different, I was called an idiot, an (expletive deleted) moron, an ignorant redneck male chauvinist, a racist, a sexist, a narrow minded and crude douchebag, unsophisticated, ignorant, a flat earther, a fool, a Neanderthal and a misogynist.

Sure, some of these are ad hominem attacks, and some of them are a bit vulgar, but chauvinist, sexist, misogynist, and ignorant, seem pretty well linked to the “merits and demerits” of Mitchell’s, er, argument, the latter of which certainly seem to outweigh the former. It’s interesting that nobody added “copycat” to the list of digs, because Mitchell’s not the first to think repealing women’s suffrage is a hilarious idea. If we really wanted to judge Mitchell by extraneous criteria, though, we’d use the “trustworthiness of beards” scale — on which his handlebar ‘stache comes up solidly “questionable.”

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