Okay, But Does Stacey Abrams Read Supernatural Fanfic?

Okay, But Does Stacey Abrams Read Supernatural Fanfic?
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If there’s one thing you don’t see every day, it’s a popular politician photoshopped alongside the cast of a long-running CW show. But that’s exactly what appeared on my Twitter timeline over the weekend: Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate and activist Stacey Abrams alongside the stars of Supernatural in a promo for a virtual voting rights fundraiser.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins will host the fundraiser alongside Supernatural’s creator Eric Kripke and Abrams on December 8 at 9 p.m. eastern. Proceeds will go to Fair Fight, Abrams’ anti-voter suppression organization.

If you’re confused by this matchup of Abrams and the cast of a show I always forgot was still airing, it’s because you didn’t realize that on top of being a romance novelist, Abrams is also a sci-fi and fantasy nerd. From The Hill:

Abrams has been outspoken about her appreciation of sci-fi and fantasy shows such as “Doctor Who,” “Star Trek” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and last week waded into the decades-long debate over which romantic interest the latter’s heroine should have ended up with.
“To be fair, Angel was the right boyfriend for Buffy coming into her power. Spike was the right man to be with as she became the power,” she tweeted earlier this month, prompting pushback from none other than “Angel” actor David Boreanaz.

Frankly, if Abrams is willing to shake the table on decades-long Buffy shipping wars, then I’m ready to see some heads roll during this fundraiser with some Supernatural shipping questions. Does she ship Destiel? How does she feel about the queer-baiting controversy? Did she cry when Castiel got dragged to hell? Did she think the recent series finale was garbage? Did she ever read that one controversial J2 Haiti fic? Did she ever write Supernatural fanfic?

These are all questions that I, for one, would love to have answered during the upcoming virtual fundraiser, but it’s fine if the subject takes a backseat to more important matters, like… voting rights. But regardless of what will be discussed, one thing is clear: Abrams is very good at putting geeks to work. She already inspired romance novel fan communities—Romancelandia, as it’s called—to help flip Georgia blue. Now, a bunch of Supernatural fans are going to pour cash into her voting rights org. Supernatural (finally) ended its 15-year-run in November, likely leaving plenty of fans thirsty for even a morsel of new content. They can have it, courtesy Stacey Abrams—as long as they’re willing to fund some activism, on the side.

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