One of Lisa Vanderpump's Rescue Dogs Allegedly Gave this Woman Worms?

Also, hot sad man Jason Sudeikis has something to say about his break-up

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One of Lisa Vanderpump's Rescue Dogs Allegedly Gave this Woman Worms?
GIGGY LIVES?! Image:Angel Weiss (Getty Images)

My knowledge of Lisa Vanderpump’s cinematic universe is limited to a few episodes of Vanderpump Rules and then whatever I read in the rags about her comings and goings. But what I do know is that she has many dogs, and also, I guess, a rescue organization? And it seems that one of the dogs in that organization allegedly gave a woman worms…

A woman is suing Vanderpump Dog Foundation because she allegedly got worms from a dachshund named Cassie in 2019. According to the lawsuit, the staff said that it was okay to play with the lil’ hot dog, even though she had not been dewormed. Cassie and the unnamed woman developed a special bond, and the woman adopted her the next day. Employees told the woman that the dog was healthy and had all of its shots and vaccinations, and provided documentation saying that the dog had been “dewormed.” But the woman claims that when she took her little bundle of joy home, Cassie showed signs of a worm infestation and had to be taken to the hospital.

Furthermore, the woman alleges that a few days after she took the dog to the hospital, she became infected with a worm infection herself, which later turned out to be intestinal parasites? She is suing Lisa Vanderpump’s dog rescue organization for allegedly falsifying immunization records and for negligence. Seems fishy! But, as People handily points out, via the CDC, humans can get worms from animals “when soil, sand, or plants that have been contaminated with infected animal feces are accidentally put in the mouth and ingested.”

So for this woman to have allegedly gotten worms from Cassie the dachshund, she would’ve had to somehow eat plant matter that was covered in poop and swallow said matter. I understand that dog ownership is occasionally messy and often times full of poop, but I am having a difficult time imagining a scenario in which a dog owner would be accidentally ingesting a pothos leaf covered in dog poop or, really, any dog poop to begin with. [People]

Hey, remember when Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde broke up, and then Olivia Wilde started tongue-kissing Harry Styles, and then Jason Sudeikis showed up at the Golden Globes in a tie-dye sweatshirt looking sad and maybe a little stoned? Of course, you do! Maybe you’ll also remember that Jason Sudeikis never said anything about the breakup, and that will make this bit of news resonate just a teensy bit more: in short, he’s still processing.

Here is what he said to GQ:

“I’ll have a better understanding of why in a year and an even better one in two, and an even greater one in five, and it’ll go from being, you know, a book of my life to becoming a chapter to a paragraph to a line to a word to a doodle.”

That’s a nice and mature response. Here’s another nice and mature response, from a man whom I now love, I think? “You take some responsibility for it, hold yourself accountable for what you do, but then also endeavor to learn something beyond the obvious from it,” he said. Sudeikis also cleared up the situation with the tie-dye hoodie, saying that he was “neither high nor heartbroken” and that he was wearing the hoodie because “didn’t wanna fucking wear the fucking top half of a Tom Ford suit. I love Tom Ford suits, but it felt weird as shit.” Relatable king! My late-quarter panny icon.

Anyway, there’s a lot in the profile, but what you need to know about the Olivia Wilde situation is that he’s not really saying much about it in the press beyond these very kind and mature statements, and that he is also dating someone named Keeley Hazell, so, in short: he’s fine! [GQ]

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