Online Retailer Not Even Trying To Hide Horrible Photoshop of Model


Another day, another hideous Photoshop distortion of a woman’s body.

This one, which was spotted over at The Gloss, comes courtesy of It’s for an item called the “Noble Lace-up Back Floral Embroidered Under-bust Corset Blue” or as I like to call it “Weird Alien Shape-Bending Power Tube.”

If you’re having trouble seeing exactly what they’ve done to the model here, take a look at the walls behind her or between her arm and waist here:

There are actual women and models who can corset themselves down to very tiny waist sizes, if that’s something you want to highlight or feature for your shoppers, you could hire them and call it a day. But to lazily squeeze a woman’s waist so badly through digital editing in a way that’s so sloppy, unnatural and unrealistic that even the background is warped like a funhouse mirror is totally unacceptable.

Remember folks, you’re not a truly beautiful woman until you possess some sort of psychic ability to warp and bend objects around you into curvy shapes. Because no lady would ever be seen standing next to a straight wall! Heaven forbid!

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