Only Taylor Swift's Song About Psycho Exes Can Soothe This Baby's Cries


Making up for last week’s disaster of a tweet about that fucking dress, Taylor Swift has redeemed herself by tweeting a picture of a tiny behbeh having its tears quieted by the hypnotic rhythms and song stylings of “Blank Space,” the most appropriate song for behbehs to listen to.

Unless this entire thing was edited (people wouldn’t just do that, right?), it is pretty cool that Swift’s music is now responsible for the intact sanity of parents everywhere. Although, I’m kind of surprised that the opening bars of the song have the baby calming down and listening as opposed to doing what I did when I heard the song being played at a wedding two weeks ago — tearing my shirt off and crawling along the floor in an interpretive dance for the ages. But this isn’t about why I get kicked out of places and not invited to events; this is about a baby who’s savagery is soothed by Taylor Swift’s tips for a good relationship. This baby is listening hard and taking notes. This baby is going places.

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