Operation Perfect "Celebrates The Female Body" By Asking For Plastic Surgery Donations


There are very few things that truly send me into fits of rage. And yet when I came across the (NSFW) website for Operation Perfect, I turned into Miss Hannigan, and started screaming “Kill! Killlllll!”

Ladies, do you ever feel less than perfect? Want a chance to “celebrate the female body” whilst perfecting your own? Well perhaps you should sign up for Operation Perfect, the site that preaches positive body image and female empowerment while promising boob jobs and photo shoots with FHM photographers. Is your head banging on your desk yet? Just wait! There’s more! According to the founders:

“The purpose of Operation Perfect is to help all women around the world to feel more beautiful, more sexy and more appreciated. We will do all in our power to make every woman, attending the Operation Perfect program, perfect.” Inside all women, there is a shining star. We are just helping to bring it out. We want to thank all beautiful girls out there who have already shown so much interest in the project, by contacting us, sending in pictures and more! We all together have made this project come true!

Now listen. I understand that many people do find a sense of confidence and happiness through cosmetic surgery. But this website is so many shades of wrong that Crayola couldn’t even come up with a big enough box.

The site features scantily clad women who want you, the viewer, to donate to their plastic surgery dreams, under the website’s notion that the female body is something to be enjoyed and celebrated…through random strangers donating money so that it can be surgically altered and displayed under headings like “Top 10 Bikini” and “Top 10 Topless.”

The women pose in Maxim-esque shots, showing off their “imperfect” bodies while listing the surgery changes they hope to make, in order to “perfect” themselves. “Charlie,” for example, poses in black underwear and high heels, claiming she wants to go from a 36C to a 36DD. “I’m 28 years old, and I’m coming from Sweden,” she writes, “Please make your donation to me. Big or small. Maybe it’s you who are the lucky one to eat dinner with me in Beverly Hills. Big kisses, Charlie.”

The dinner “Charlie” refers to, of course, is the “prize” (so many air quotes, I know, but again: I’m in Miss Hannigan mode) given to the men who donate to the site:

The lucky girls who are picked for the OperationPerfect programme, will be sent to Los Angeles, California for a free plastic surgery! They will also receive an exclusive photo shoot by famous photographers! (with history from Playboy, FHM, Runway and more), a test shoot for magazine cover, gold access to some of the hottest clubs in Los Angeles and free beauty products and treatments!
The lucky guys who wins by casting their donation or vote, will be sent to Los Angeles, California for a two nights unforgettable hotel stay! Gold access will be provided to some of the hottest clubs and an exclusive evening dinner with the winning girl will be offered! The winner will also receive free beauty products and treatments!

The site reads like a shady porn site masquerading as a place for female empowerment: the women are displayed like auction items to be bid on, prizes to be won, under this ridiculous notion that all the creators of the site truly want to to is celebrate the female body and make women feel good about themselves. Because nothing makes a girl feel better than having to go to dinner with Shady McPhee in Los Angeles, who will spend the entire night talking about the boobs he helped purchase for you, on the internet, before you head off to your FHM photo shoot, am I right? I mean, come on ladies!

Perhaps if the creators of the site truly want to “bring out the shining star” in every woman, they’d realize that perfection does not come through surgical procedures, photo shoots, and for fuck’s sake, it doesn’t come from 2 nights in a Beverly Hills hotel. The rage I feel for the creators of this site (which also reeks of scam, btw) is balanced only by the sadness I feel toward those women who upload their pictures in the hopes of being judged and chosen: one gets the sense that they may truly believe they’re going to get the surgery they think will change their lives, when it’s fairly clear that the majority of the women on the site are only there to provide visual stimulation to the “voters” at home.

To say that Operation Perfect is a complete disaster is an understatement: one wishes that instead of monetary donations, we could send the “surgery girls” a few reminders: namely, that external alterations aren’t always the cures to self-esteem issues that society makes them out to be, and that perfection is a big dumb lie, an impossible standard that can’t be reached, no matter how much surgery one has.

[Operation Perfect (NSFW)]

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