Oregon Players Will Be Punished for Chanting 'No Means No' at Winston


The coach of the Oregon Ducks says several of his players will be disciplined for celebrating their New Year’s Day Rose Bowl win by chanting “No means no” at Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who was accused of rape by a fellow student in 2012.

The chant was captured by Fox Sports West reporter Bear Heiser on Vine:

They’re singing “no means no” to the tune of FSU’s “war chant” while doing a “tomahawk chop,” a gesture that Seminoles fans tend to break out at games. (Which is, in itself, astonishingly racist, although elders from the actual Seminole tribe have said, gingerly, that they’re sort of okay with it, while gently pointing out that the Seminoles never actually used tomahawks.)

Winston was accused of rape by a fellow student in 2012, but faced no criminal charges after what a New York Times investigation later called “virtually no investigation at all.” In December, an FSU disciplinary board also said he didn’t violate the student conduct code.

After Heiser’s vine of the players chanting and chopping started going viral, Oregon coach Mark Helfrich issued a statement saying, “We are aware of the inappropriate behavior in the postgame. This is not what our programs stand for, and the student-athletes will be disciplined internally.”

By one account, the chant didn’t happen just once, and it wasn’t just the players:

Some Ducks defenders argued that the players were just loudly, vigorously stating their support for sexual consent. No, seriously, people said that:

Guys. No. These dudes were gloating, and they used an anti-rape chant to do it. This is what trivializing sexual assault looks like, just in case we needed yet another reminder. And yet, depressingly, it’s about the sternest punishment that Jameis Winston will ever face.

Screenshot via Bear Heiser

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