Our National Nightmare Is Over: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Settle Custody Dispute

The former couple has reached an “amicable resolution on all issues," according to TMZ.

Our National Nightmare Is Over: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Settle Custody Dispute
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in NYC in 2022. Photo:James Devaney/GC Images (Getty Images)

The summer of celebrity divorces finally closed at least one door. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas reached an “amicable resolution on all issues” in their custody battle that’s spanned two countries and three states after the singer first filed for divorce at the beginning of September.

The former couple, who started mediation in New York last week, share two children, three-year-old Willa and one-year-old Delphine, and had previously agreed to raise their family in Turner’s native England, according to Turner. After the first divorce petition was filed in Florida, Turner sued Jonas in late September, claiming he would not surrender the children’s passports.

TMZ reported Tuesday morning that Turner will have her children from Oct. 9 to Oct. 21, and can travel between the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Jonas will be the custodial parent from Oct. 21 to Nov. 2. Basically the kids will be traded between the parents until next year, with Turner getting the kids through Nov. 22. Jonas will then get custody for Thanksgiving through Dec. 16. and Turner will get custody for Christmas through Jan. 7.

Now that this national nightmare is only signatures away from ending, we can return to the REAL Jonas Brothers’ questions. Such as, is Joe the only brother heading for divorce? Is it okay for me to still use my Jonas Brothers tickets? Do I want to? Will Turner stay friends with Danielle Jonas (the better half of Kevin)? Will “Sucker” (arguably their biggest hit) slowly kill Joe as he’s forced to perform it night after night? Is Turner’s new TV show going to be any good? Will she finish building their family home in England and get an Architectural Digest home tour?

As I wait for answers, congrats to the mediated couple on reaching an agreement.

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