Overly Creative 'TNT' Wedding Favors Cause Airport Evacuation

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Hard truth: Wedding favors (unless they’re edible) often suck. No one wants to carry home a trinket emblazoned with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date, and none of us have space for three mason jars filled with colored sand. But they suck even more if they look like explosives and cause an airport to shut down. Because that’s a thing that actually happened.

It’s hard to say who deserves the blame here: the unidentified bride and groom who playfully turned their initials —“T and T”—into glass jars filled with bath salts and sealed with wax so that they resembled old-timey dynamite (which is actually kind of clever if you take the TSA out of the equation), or the guests who decided that taking “glass bottles filled with a crystal substance and topped with fuses” through airport security was going to end with anything other than heartache, delays, and a 20-minute evacuation.

Consumerist reports that the photo above was posted on the TSA’s Instagram page (which is a treasure trove of contraband) to remind consumers to be careful about what they try to bring onto a commercial flight. Sure, the people at the security checkpoint will eventually believe you if you insist you’re not carrying actually explosives, but they’re also going to call the bomb squad anyway and then shame you all over the internet.

Best of luck to the newlyweds, though. Considering their party favors have already cleared an entire airport, it’s safe to say that their union has the potential for significant impact. Next time you get married, though, consider dropping a fiver at each seat or presenting your guests with back scratchers. Who wouldn’t be excited about something like that?

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