Palin Emails Fail To Produce Sex Scandal, Anything Else Of Interest


Like all Americans, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the release emails from Sarah Palin’s first month as governor, which were inadvertently admitted from the release of 24,199 pages of electronic musings. Now the final 54 pages have arrived, and they’re simply explosive — if you like imagining heavily redacted emails from gubernatorial aides actually contain state secrets about alien lifeforms.

There is one quip from Palin’s search for an attorney general that you can take as a sign of her growing paranoia, or just an offhand comment:

In a Dec. 12, 2006, message, with the subject line “AG status,” apparently referring to her hunt for an attorney general, she said she was disappointed that an aide was speaking of candidates when she wasn’t ready for names to be discussed yet.
“I am finding my circle of confidants to be shrinking daily,” she wrote.
In another message from the same day, Palin detailed what she was looking for in an attorney general: “I will be appointing an independent, ‘new’ AG who does not have any baggage on any sides of any of the relevant issues facing the legislature. All I have been looking for is a good legal mind, someone totally committed to ethical government, a less-political, unpretentious long-time Alaskan who is free from the influence of any of the ‘more of the same’ circles running in Juneau.”

Once again, the emails mainly serve to prove that Palin can communicate as well as 13-year-old when she chooses.

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