Panel Of Little Girls Discussing Weight Issues Is Completely Depressing


Good Morning America assembled a crew of 5 to 8 year old girls to ask them about weight stuff — what’s fat, what’s thin, what looks good and what looks bad. Their bluntly honest answers aligned, sadly, with a recent study that suggested almost half of 3-to-6 year old girls worry about being fat.

When questioned, one of the girls said she wants to eat healthy “so you don’t get fat,” while others worried that their tummy would get so big it would “pop.” One of the girls offered a story about her Mom going to the gym “because she thinks she’s overweight.” Another volunteered how “our teacher is on a diet” — something the class figured out when she wouldn’t eat a piece of cake with the rest of them. Then, they were shown a series of photographs of girls their age who were all different sizes. Obviously, there was a girl deemed “Chubby Wubby” who they all laughed about in unison — kids can be so cruel.

GMA also spoke with a 6-year-old Texan girl named Taylor Call. Over a year ago (at age 5!) she began worrying about her weight when a girl at school asked her why she was “so fat” and a little boy called her “fat girl.” What’s worse, is by her BMI and a pediatrician’s standards, Taylor is not at all considered overweight. Not that matters one damn bit when it comes to body issues.

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