Pantene Commands You To Stop Apologizing (and Have Pretty Hair)


Following the success of their Labels Against Women ad and as part of their Shine Strong campaign, Pantene has released a new commercial encouraging women to stop apologizing all the damn time.

In a release, Pantene (owned by Procter & Gamble) wrote that “Not Sorry” was created “to spotlight the subtle, but powerful behavior of ‘over-apologizing’ that can be interpreted as minimizing a woman’s strength”:

With this latest video, Pantene is continuing its global Shine Strong campaign, dedicated to helping women overcome bias by inspiring and enabling them to be strong and shine.
Also new to the campaign is the global Pantene Shine Strong Fund. The fund provides education and resources to help women overcome bias and stereotypes that are holding them back, and to educate strong women around the world.

While that sounds very vague, Pantene’s goals are threefold. They will continue their collaboration with the charity American Association of University Women (AAUW) by providing grants to college women who “initiate change and tackle harmful gender biases and stereotypes that permeate our culture,” they’ll train women to recognize bias in the workplace and they’ll continue their Beautiful Lengths program, which donates wigs to women who have lost their hair during cancer treatments.

How many people at Dove are tearing their hair out right now screaming, “WE DID IT FIRST!”

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