Parents Adorably Recreate Movie Scenes with Their Little Tiny Baby


Is there anything cuter than a baby Steve Zissou? How about a baby Luke Skywalker or a baby Tom Hanks in Castaway? No! There isn’t! These are literally the cutest things anyone can think of!

Which is why planet Earth is so lucky to have Lilly, Leon and Orson Mackie, the adorable family who turned a bunch of boxes leftover from a major move into makeshift sets from classic movies, all for the purpose of making these charming-as-all-get-out photos.

Lilly Mackie tells Buzzfeed, “We wanted to depict our messy and sleep-deprived new life of raising a baby.”

Not quite sure if the photos depict a “sleep-deprived new life” as much as they depict boundless energy and creativity, but the parents’ efforts are appreciated regardless.

Look, here’s baby Orson as Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park:

And here he is as Mission Impossible‘s Ethan Hunt:

So freaking cute. Can’t wait until they do a baby version of Sophie’s Choice.

Images via Cardboard Box Office.

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