Paris goes to Austria, is puzzled by lack of kangaroos.


Paris Hilton went to Austria for a ball. The dancing kind, for once. She was greeted by ‘hundreds of shrieking fans’, at a Viennese Mall, and not a few projectile missiles too, apparently.

From mscnbc:

“The session was cut short when several objects landed on the stage and Hilton was whisked away by security guards. Richard Lugner, who is Hilton’s Vienna host, said the flying objects included cigarette packs, tissues and lipsticks.”

We launched a harpoon, but it missed.

Anyway, the notorious racist proved that irony is alive and well when she told reporters on her plans to become the next St Angelina:

“Hilton said there were ‘a lot of people who need help’ in the world and that she planned to go to Africa sometime this year. ‘As a celebrity, you can really make people aware of what’s going on in the world,’ she said.”

Absolutely correct Paris, old mate. But we think you’ll find it helps to actually have a clue first. Also good luck with that n-word dropping thing over in Africa!

[Hurry up and overdose, already]

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