Patrick Swayze Hospitalized for Pneumonia

  • We’re starting the weekend with some sad news: Patrick Swayze, who is receiving chemotherapy to treat his pancreatic cancer, checked himself into the hospital this morning with pneumonia. [Us]
  • While in prison, Martha Stewart broke up a lesbian orgy taking place in the exercise room. She marched in, flipped on the lights, and yelled, “Chop! Chop! Ladies!” [Celeb News Wire]
  • Is Amy Winehouse peeing standing up in this picture … or is it a plant? [The Superficial]
  • Is Winehouse a terrorist target?! Supposedly Islamic extremists have a hit list of some of Britain’s leading Jews, and Winehouse is on it. [Perez Hilton]
  • At the Critics’ Choice Awards, Angelina Jolie lost the award for Best Actress to Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep (it was a tie). During Hathaway’s rambling acceptance speech, Angie totally gives her bitch face. Yes, there is video. [E!]
  • Obama supporter Anne Hathaway shared her thoughts on Rick Warren after the awards show: “My older brother is gay, and so its a family issue for me. My father is coming with me to the Inauguration. At first we discussed not going, and then we thought we’d just turn our backs when he [Warren] speaks. But we didn’t want to be disrespectful. So we’re going to wear ribbons protesting his appearance.” [Fox News]
  • OMG! Kate Middleton just turned 27 and she is still not engaged to Prince William!!! The British press has taken to calling her “Waity Katie,” which she hates. [CBS News]
  • Angela Bassett says that she has her tickets to the inauguration, but won’t be attending the balls because, “We’ve all done parties.” Are there any celebrities not attending the inauguration? [NY Magazine]
  • Bono is writing an Op-Ed for this Sunday’s New York Times. Bono says: “I’ve never been great with the full stops or commas. Let’s see how far we can take this.” [Alley Insider]
  • Scarlett Johansson says she’s given up on trying to get Woody Allen to try new things … or pretty old ones. “One day, I said something about Neil Young and he was like, ‘Neil Young? Who’s Neil Young?'” said Johansson. [Daily Express]
  • Mena Suvari says she thought her new horror film was a comedy when she first read the script. Her character hits a man with her car and when he becomes stuck in her windshield she is too scared to go to the police so she drives home. [The Star]
  • columnist Whitney Casey told Howard Stern that Rocco Dispirito was the best sex she ever had and that he has a perfect penis “like the statue David.” When Howard pointed out the statue has a small penis, she elaborated that his penis is like a Viagra version of the statue of David.” [DListed]
  • Did you know Paul Rudd has been arrested? When he was in college at the University of Kansas police arrested him because he was drinking outside – while underage. [Daily Express]
  • Kate Hudson punched Anne Hathaway on the set of Bride Wars. It was an accident, or so Kate says. [People]
  • Just so you know, Ashley Olsen allegedly doesn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom. [Yeeeah]
  • “I can get on with someone really, really well and if they are no good at having sex with me it really upsets me,” says Lily Allen, who cannot seem to stay out of the gossip columns this week. [ONTD]
  • Ryan O’Neal pled guilty to meth possession in court today and was sentenced to 18 months in rehab. [TMZ]
  • Evan Rachel Wood is dating Jason Segel! So maybe he and Drew Barrymore are “just friends.” [E!]
  • More evidence: if Ladies Home Journal is to be believed, Drew has been single for the past six months. But she still believes in love. [People]
  • Everyone in Defiance, including Daniel Craig, was so nervous about their accents that they said their lines very quietly on the first day of rehearsals. “No-one wanted to give away how bad their accent actually sounded,” said Craig’s co-star, Jamie Bell. [Daily Express]
  • Jennifer Connelly said that she and Jennifer Aniston really hit it off while making He’s Just Not That Into You and says she wishes they were close friends so they could still “hang out” together. Um, so why can’t they? Will their moms not let them be friends? [Daily Express]
  • Rock stars! They are doing things! R. Kelly finalized his divorce from his wife of 11 years. Justin Timberlake will appear at the fashion show for his line William Rast, but won’t perform. Merle Haggard is suing an environmental group that misused his name to raise money. And U2 is warning fans about fake tickets to no-existent shows this summer. [Rolling Stone]
  • Natasha Lyonne explains what she really meant when she said she was going to sexually molest a neighbor’s dog: “They were missing the point a bit when I said I was going to molest a dog. Is it my problem in the first place for being fucked up and acting like a maniac? Clearly. But should you steer your puppy in the opposite direction on the street when you’re walking by me? No! I love puppies as much as the next guy…. The only difference is what I like to do to them.” [NY Magazine]
  • Cops say Charles Barkley‘s blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit when he was busted for a DUI last month while on a quest for awesome oral sex. [TMZ]
  • “I wanna make popular music, but I want less fans. I want the freedom of having less fans. It’s like the freedom of having less money. If you have less money, you have less responsibility. It’s like Björk. If she wanted to pose naked, you’d be like, ‘Oh, that’s Björk.’ But if I wanted to pose naked, people would draw all type of things into it. I definitely feel like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I’ll pose naked. I break every rule and mentality of hip-hop, of black culture, of American culture.” – Kanye West in the new issue of Vibe [Just Jared]
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