Paul Mescal Is Having a Brat Girl Summer

First, the Oscar-nominated actor and slutty shorts savant was spotted at a Charli XCX set at Glastonbury. Then, he met up with Gracie Abrams for dinner at a restaurant literally called...BRAT.

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Paul Mescal Is Having a Brat Girl Summer

As Charli XCX‘s Brat continues to keep the internet in its lime green-toned chokehold, it would appear some of us are taking this whole “Brat Girl Summer” thing literally. I’m looking straight at you, Paul Mescal.

Over the weekend, the Oscar nominee and his micro shorts made the rounds at Glastonbury, aka British Coachella. Mescal took in a few sets with former co-stars (and my Irish Challengers), Andrew Scott and Saoirse Ronan, and, of course, his sister, Nell. More importantly, however, he eventually attended Charli XCX’s set alongside Daisy Edgar Jones. Rumors have swirled about whether Mescal and Jones are more than friends since Normal People premiered during the pandemic. Perhaps some are true. Maybe none are. If we’re to judge by this video, it very much looks as if she’s taken. But what’s absolutely certain is that they’re each other’s chosen partner to don sunglasses in a club (or tent) and affirm to no one in particular that they are, in fact, so Julia. That’s intimacy!


The set might’ve just inspired Mescal to do more than a few key bumps because he was later spotted back in London on what very much appears to be a dinner date with…Gracie Abrams. As of now, neither Mescal nor Abrams have confirmed or denied a dalliance, but many of the terminally online have already assessed that Mescal’s quickly become the Pete Davidson of indie girls—though if we’re being technical here, I have to wonder whether the daughter of a very famous filmmaker who’s signed to a major label fits that bill…

Anyway! This was no ordinary dinner date either. Where did Mescal take his companion? A Michelin-starred restaurant literally called BRAT. In one photo of the pair, they look locked in intense conversation. In another, Mescal looks as if he’s reaching across the table to cradle Abrams’ cheek. Wow, everything really is so romantic.

Charli’s power, am I right?

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