Paul Sorvino, Tell Us How You Really Feel About Harvey Weinstein Blacklisting Your Daughter Mira


Here’s what a father’s love looked like yesterday when caught on a TMZ paparazzo’s camera: “I will kill the motherfucker. It’s real simple. All right thanks, take it easy.”

A pap grilled Paul Sorvino, the actor/director father of Mira Sorvino, about Harvey Weinstein’s derailing of Mira Sorvino’s career after he sexually harassed her, as alleged in a class action lawsuit purportedly representing Mira among the “women who met with Harvey Weinstein in person to audition for or to discuss involvement in a project to be produced or distributed by The Weinstein Company,” as well as director Peter Jackson in an interview last month. “If I meet him on the street, he better hope he goes to jail,” said Paul Sorvino. “Because if we come across [each other], I think he’ll be lying on the floor… somehow. Magically.”

How angry is Paul Sorvino over these allegations? Let us count the ways:

  • “If I’d known it, he would not be walking. He’d be on a wheelchair.”
  • “This pig will get his comeuppance.”
  • “The law will get him. He’s gonna go to jail and die in jail. But if he doesn’t, Harvey, come here, I have some news for you. I’ll just slap him around, I won’t do anything terrible.”

All right, thanks. Take it easy.

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