Peter Thiel Helps Corral Conservatives Into Their Own Dating Cesspool

Dubbed "The Right Stuff," it sounds like a lovely, totally not terrifying place to be!

Peter Thiel Helps Corral Conservatives Into Their Own Dating Cesspool
Photo:John Lamparski (Getty Images)

Billionaire venture capitalist and Gawker-killer Peter Thiel seems to be keeping busy since stepping down from Meta’s board of directors following the company’s devastating $267 billion stock market collapse earlier this month. Now, the Trump-supporting libertarian is reportedly investing $1.5 million toward the creation of a “conservative dating app” called “The Right Stuff” (???).

Set to launch this summer in DC, the app will be “invite-only” and free to start. How very Raya, but make it full of white nationalists! It’s slated to become available in other “big, progressive cities” soon after and eventually implement a subscription fee.

It sounds like The Right Stuff will serve as something of a romantic safe space for horny conservatives who oft whine about being discriminated against by possible mates for their terrible beliefs. Throughout much of the Trump era and beyond, the world has been subjected to far-right complaints about being harassed or unable to get laid for working in the White House and/or supporting the previous administration. So, as hellish as this app sounds, on the off chance it will get them to shut up, I’m for it!

Thiel’s role in bankrolling a new app for conservatives to find love isn’t exactly surprising—in recent years, he’s financed other built-for-conservatives start-ups, like a YouTube alternative called Rumble. He’s also reportedly planning to invest more than ever in Trump-aligned, insurgent politicians this year and has been dubbed “the next Republican kingmaker.” And who can forget that Thiel is also the bloodthirsty bankroller who gave $10 million to fund Hulk Hogan’s libel suit to bankrupt and shut down the original Gawker website in 2016.

In any case, when The Right Stuff launches in a city near you, I do hope it’s not mercilessly trolled by liberal users trying to stand in the way of MAGA true love. That would be the worst!

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