Pharrell Still Doesn't Get It In New Video for 'Come And Get It Bae'


Pharrell is back with his usual “I just want to help all women celebrate their beauty by only featuring hot ‘GIRLs'” antics with his new video for “Come And Get It Bae.” This time with a hint of Miley Cyrus.

The video kicks off with “BEAUTY HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE” in that oh-so-familiar bold red block writing, so one would think that the video would proceed to feature older women or something related to that statement. But nope, this is Pharrell we’re talking about. The video consists of a culturally diverse cast of beautiful women performing the same choreography for Pharrell, as he watches, dances with them, and sometimes films with an old timey camera. He literally represents the male gaze—obviously inadvertent, but seriously? COME ON.

Then Miley Cyrus comes to hang out and be wacky and free-spirited and show off her rad scrunchie collection.

Honestly the music video probably would have been okay if they didn’t make a point to imbue it with deeper but unrelated thoughts about beauty. Now it’s just a farcical statement that reinforces the same old standards. Man, Pharrell just can’t get it right, huh? Maybe he will with the next video for a song that features clapping, someone saying “Hey”, and “Wait a Minute.”

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