Phil Collins Probably Did Not Feel This Coming In the Air

Phil Collins Probably Did Not Feel This Coming In the Air
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I have long maintained that Phil Collins is due for a renaissance. The drummer, singer, and songwriter has for too many years now been relegated to the category of “shit you will definitely listen to, but not in public.” He deserves better. It’s about time we admit to ourselves and each other that the man who gave us “Another Day in Paradise” or “Sussudio” is due the same pride of place we are now happily willing to grant Billy Joel, or a Hall, even an Oates.

For a minute it looked like this may be his year, when this video of impossibly charming Zoomer twins listening to his classic banger “In the Air Tonight” went viral.

Alas, it seems fate has conspired to keep Phil Collins out of our collective hearts a little longer, as he will probably be distracted by personal affairs for the time being. According to reporting by The Miami Herald, Collins is currently locked in a legal battle with his ex-wife, who is staging an “armed occupation” of his Miami mansion:

The Miami Herald has viewed Miami Dade County court documents seeking an injunction against Phil Collins’ ex wife and they’re pretty jaw dropping, even by Miami standards.
In a nutshell: Orianne Cevey apparently broke up with Collins via text back in August and then went off and got hitched to her musician boyfriend in Las Vegas. Here’s the rub, despite the fact that they are so over, she still wants to live in the rocker’s $33 million mansion.

The suit goes on to allege that Collins’s ex has “hired a crew of at least four armed guards to patrol the home, changed the security codes for the alarms, blocked surveillance cameras and barred real estate agents from showing the house.”

Take heart Phil Collins! I have no doubt that, Against All Odds, you can overcome your current difficulties. Your day in the sun is nigh.

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