Phoebe Dynevor Says All the Best Roles Are for ‘Young Men’ and ‘Older Women’

“It’s a really good time for older women which is amazing & there’s a lot for these young men," she said. "But not a lot for the my age bracket.”

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Phoebe Dynevor Says All the Best Roles Are for ‘Young Men’ and ‘Older Women’

By all accounts, Phoebe Dynevor seems booked and busy. She was just nominated for the Rising Star Award at the BAFTAs (the only fan-voted award) and, according to a new profile in The London Evening Standard, just wrapped one thriller called The Change and is set to start filming another, Inheritance. She spoke to the Standard about both, gave her thoughts about nepo babies, said season one of Bridgerton was “probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” and revealed that her dad shot her first cover story for Glamour (due to covid) “on his iPhone.”

But she also added that, while she “shouldn’t be saying this,” she doesn’t think there’s enough strong roles right now for actresses her age.

“I have read some great scripts recently. And yeah, I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but there is still, like, not that many parts going. There is such a space for male actors… there are so many of them,” Dynevor told the Standard. “And they’re all great. They’re all very talented young men, and they do not stop working, and good for them.”

“But you know, when I think about the girls my age… there’s way more room for them [young men] and there is still not enough room for us,” she continued. “It’s a really good time for older women which is amazing and there’s a lot for these young men, but not a lot for the actresses that I know in my age bracket.”

I’m definitely not reading potential movie scripts so I’ll have to take Dynevor, who’s 28, at her word. But I think she was fucking incredible in Fair Play (if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s on Netlix!!!), so I hope she gets more roles she’s excited about. I hope all women everywhere get all the roles they want<3 And I’m admittedly blanking on every movie I’ve seen in the past few years but of this years’ Oscar nominees for Best Actress, Margot Robbie is 33, Emma Stone is 35, Lily Gladstone is 37, Carey Mulligan is 38, Sandra Hüller is 45, and Annette Bening is 65. The BAFTA noms for Best Actress also include Fantasia Barrino who’s 39, and Vivian Oparah who’s…27!

So, sure, if we wanna’ use the Best Actress noms as a loose snapshot of Hollywood’s top roles right now, there’s only one actress in her 20s—but there’s also only one actress in hers 40s and only one in her 60s. The leading ladies of 2024 are mostly in their 30s. And if Phoebe thinks you’re an “older woman” at age 30, then I no longer hope she gets the roles she’s excited about

“I eventually want to produce,” she added. “I would like to create the material that I feel is missing.” Great! Ultimately, I agree there should be way less roles for men (sorry to Bradley Cooper) and way more for everybody else!

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