Photos of Angelina Jolie’s Alleged Bruises From 2016 Incident With Brad Pitt Have Emerged

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone published details from the FBI report about the fight on a private jet.

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Photos of Angelina Jolie’s Alleged Bruises From 2016 Incident With Brad Pitt Have Emerged
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Just days after Rolling Stone reported deeply unnerving details about the 2016 altercation involving then-married couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their son, Maddox, aboard a private flight, Page Six has published photographs of Jolie’s alleged wounds from the FBI report of the incident.

Consistent with Jolie’s account of the alleged assault—in which she claimed to have grabbed Pitt’s neck, “like in a choke hold,” after he approached their son appearing as though he was “going to attack” the then-15 year old boy—black and white photocopies of the photos Jolie submitted to the FBI show bruises on her hand and elbow. Jolie told the agency that after she attempted to apprehend Pitt, the actor threw himself backward, flinging Jolie onto a row of seats—a blow that she claimed caused the “rug burn type wound” on her elbow and hand. According to Page Six, the heavily redacted report also contained handwritten pages, allegedly from Jolie and Pitt’s children, that described the incident.

Jolie filed for divorce just five days after the highly publicized—yet never publicly addressed—altercation, which prompted the FBI investigation of Pitt on suspicion of physical and verbal abuse and child abuse. While Pitt was ultimately cleared by the FBI, Jolie was unsatisfied by the investigation and, this week, was revealed to be the “Jane Doe” who sued the FBI in April 2022. Jolie’s anonymous suit alleged that she’d filed a number of requests for a copy of the department’s investigative file to gain a “better understanding the FBI’s investigation and obtaining information necessary for her children to receive medical care and trauma counseling.”

Of the altercation, which is said to have begun in the airplane bathroom, Jolie told officials that Pitt yelled at her, “grabbed her by her head,” “pushed her into the bathroom wall,” repeatedly struck the ceiling of the plane with his fist, and told her she was “fucking up this family.” Two of their young children (whose names have been redacted in the report) “were outside the door crying and asked, ‘Are you OK Mommy?’” Jolie told the FBI. In a loud voice, Pitt allegedly replied, “No, mommy’s not OK. She’s ruining this family. She’s crazy.”

Jolie recalled that one of the children (presumably Maddox) responded: “It’s not her, it’s you, you prick,” a comment that prompted Pitt to swiftly approach the child, while Jolie attempted to stop him.

Page Six also reported that Pitt said one of the children “looks like a fucking Columbine kid,” and at one point, alleged that Pitt “poured beer” on Jolie “and the blanket she was under,” as she attempted to sleep. By the time the plane landed in Los Angeles, Jolie alleged it had sustained $25,000 worth of damage from spilled red wine, and Pitt refused to allow her to take their children to a hotel to rest. “You’re not taking my fucking kids,” he told her, according to her account.

Jolie and Pitt have yet to address the now-public investigation; Jolie is working on her new film, Without Blood, which she directed, and Pitt is in the middle of his press tour for Bullet Train.

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