Photos Reimagine Breast Milk As A High-Fashion Weapon


My oh my, what exactly is going on in these pictures?

For the “New York” issue of V, Mario Sorrenti shot this editorial with the Russian supermodel Natasha Poly. But why are the bad men pointing their weapons at Natasha?

I think they just didn’t realize she’s a goddess who deserves nothing less than to be carried to and fro on a litter.

See? She’s Jesus Christ Of Pistols And Menorahs.

Natasha also likes to rumba with sexy cut-outs and pray while wrapped in a veil.

But the life of a deity isn’t always an easy one.

Heather Sommerfield’s behind-the-scenes video is even trippier. Peep Christ-Natasha in the arms of the cross-dressing nun. Very pietà, only I’m pretty sure there was no tequila in the original.

The reference here is to the Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky, particularly to his 1973 effort The Holy Mountain. All of this imagery — the bugs, the balloons, the religious iconography, the gas masks, the paramilitary figures — comes from the film.

The Holy Mountain was famously unobtainable for over thirty years due to a dispute between Jodorowsky and his distributor, Allen Klein; after Jodorowsky had a feminist awakening, he backed out of directing an adaptation of The Story of O, and Klein (yes, that Klein) retaliated by barring access to Jodorowsky’s films. A DVD version was finally released in 2007, to the delight of psychedelic-inclined film nerds everywhere, and, apparently, Mario Sorrenti.

There’s some speculation that this dude Natasha’s feeding might be the photographer himself. (Sorrenti looks like this.) If it were, it would be kind of appropriate, since Jodorowsky cast himself in The Holy Mountain.

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