Pinterest Now Tracking and Analyzing Your Pins


Companies have always used consumers for research purposes, collecting information through surveys and sweepstakes and focus groups. But the internet — and Pinterest — are making it even easier, and you can become part of a study without even knowing it.

As AdAge reports, Pinterest now has an analytics tool:

Available to any account that’s gone through the automated verification process on its web site, Pinterest’s new analytics tool lets accounts track how many people have pinned content from their sites, how many people have visited their sites from Pinterest, and how many Pinterest impressions their content has generated. It will also show a selection of the most recent pins captured from their site and the content that’s been re-pinned and clicked on the most within Pinterest.

Of course, brands have to keep in mind that many people use Pinterest as a vision board — aspirational, inspirational, and not necessarily reflective of reality. Just because you like a picture of a treehouse in the woods doesn’t mean you’re ever going to buy or go to a treehouse in the woods. For every maybe-I’ll-get-it J. Crew high heel, there’s a this-is-just-eye-candy Prada platform. And if you’re like me, you’ve got vintage Hollywood photos, graphic art and hot guys — not very helpful for any brands.


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