"Plan GOP" Is the Only Right Wing-Approved Birth Control Option


Tired of constantly having your birth control options yanked away by stuffy right-wingers? (The pill? Too whorey! Condoms? The devil made those! Plan B? HAHAHAHA You’re joking right?) Well, now there’s finally a family planning option that won’t get Republican knickers in a twist.

This video comes via Rod Blackhurst and Josh Murphy and gives us a pretty good idea of what would happen if there was such a product available that let GOPers reduce their chances of having babies that turn out to be “environmentalists.” Me, I’m just a bleeding heart Liberal praying and hoping my future unborn children don’t turn out to be people who think Dane Cook is funny or put eggs in their tuna salad. (IT’S EITHER ONE OR THE OTHER. TUNA OR EGG SALAD. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU MIX.)

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