Plastic Surgeon Posts Naked Photos Of Patients


If you thought the Case of the Uniboob and Unclosable Eyelid was going to be the only plastic surgery horror story you’d read today, you were sadly mistaken. Another surgeon has found a whole new way to torture her patients: posting their naked pictures on her website! Yes, in a series of lawsuits, five former patients of Dr. Michele Koo, a plastic surgeon in St. Louis, are alleging photos of them were used without their consent on Dr. Koo’s website:

“The women say that their torsos were photographed before and after their surgery, naked from chin to waist. They believed the photos were taken for the ‘limited and sole purpose of rendering medical treatment and administrations’ — and they were specifically advised that their names would not be linked to the photos.”

And yet Dr. Koo went ahead and put them up on her site. What’s worse: apparently no one working on the site noticed (or cared?) that the image files contained the women’s first and last names. So now a search for any of the women turns up some very personal information—not exactly the first thing you’d want a prospective employer or date to see.

Plastic Surgeon Posted Nude Pics Online, Patients Claim in Lawsuits [Riverfront Times]

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