Police Officer Delivers Baby In McDonald's Bathroom


Police officer James Kneipp just happened to be driving by a Newark, NJ McDonald’s when a patron got his attention and caused him to pull over.

“I thought it was being held up,” Kneipp said, according to NBC New York. “Then when they got to my vehicle, they yelled out, ‘There’s a woman inside who just went into labor!'”
Kneipp sprung into action and successfully delivered the baby boy.
“I found the lady on the floor of the bathroom and did what I was taught to do in the police academy,” Kneipp told West Ward Patch. “I saw the baby’s head and simply maneuvered the child’s body to a position where the mother was able to easily deliver.”

The mother and her son are said to be “doing well” and the police officer is probably writing his first screenplay based on actual events. Title containing fast food puns to [hopefully] follow.

McDonald’s Baby Delivery: Cop Delivers Baby In Bathroom Of Fast Food Restaurant [HuffPo]

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