Poll: What Kind Of Self Tanner Do You Think Mitt Romney Uses?


Rumor has it that Mitt Romney’s weirdly inconsistent skin color is due to the fact that the candidate has been getting spray-tanned on the regular. This got us wondering…what self tanner does Willard Mitt Romney use? So we’re taking a very scientific poll.

Mitt Romney has taken pains to project the image of a man of the people. Maybe he plumps for drugstore Jergens?

That’s ridiculous. You just know he’s using something at least as pricey as Clarins.

Perhaps the secret explanation for his Univision appearance is simple: he was duped by L’Oréal and Eva Longoria.

Maybe Mittens is actually a teenage girl from 2006 and uses Lindsay Lohan’s self tan, Sevin Nyne.

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