Ponder The Class Struggle While Cruising In Your $2,200 Anthropologie Rickshaw


The next time you’re in Anthropologie eyeing overpriced twee ensembles, you might want to pick up this limited edition $2,200 rickshaw spotted by Gothamist. The description reads:

While on a trip to India, some of our team flagged down a rickshaw for a spur-of-the-moment tour of the town. Inspired by the ride and feeling a bit whimsical, we decided to design our own set of wheels, with some very special touches like a collapsible kantha-fabric canopy, handlebar streamers, a bell for brrring-bringing on the bike path and even a headlight that illuminates when the pedals are cranked. An instant conversation starter on the road or on display, we’ll bet you’re whisked away on the adventure of a lifetime once you hop on – or into – our quixotic carriage. No two are exactly alike.

Of course, the rickshaw becomes 60% less quixotic if you pedal it yourself, so you’re going to have to find a pleb to cart you about town. Might we suggest an impromptu visit to your local Occupy protest? From your rickshaw you can see the 99% up close — but not so close that they’ll make you lose hold of your monocle.

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