Poop Prevails in American Vandal Season 2 


When Netflix announced that the best true crime-parody on the market, American Vandal, would return for a second season, we were excited—but concerned about a lackluster followup. What crime deserving of a Serial-esque spoof investigation could delight and amaze as much as an elaborate dick joke?

And, uh, holy crap, the answer is poop. American Vandal Season 2 is about doing number two.

In the trailer for the show’s second season, the dick jokes from season one are gone, replaced with a new crime and a new criminal: a maniacal and mysterious miscreant named The Turd Burglar. Our protagonists and self-described documentarians Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) are on the hunt to uncover the identity of the literal shit-lord whose caused chaos in a private high school by making everyone…well, crap, via contaminated lemonade.

According to the trailer’s description, like season one, a student—a junior named Kevin McClain—has already been “expelled and awaits trial for the crimes.” Did he do it? WHO IS THE TURD BURGLAR? I’m so excited.

American Vandal season two drops (hehe) Sept. 14 on Netflix.

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