Pop a Pimple, Save a Marriage?: Another Wacky Dr. Pimple Popper Adventure

Pop a Pimple, Save a Marriage?: Another Wacky Dr. Pimple Popper Adventure

When Dr. Pimple Popper smiles like this, you know she’s up to no good. This screenshot was taken immediately after she chirped, “This is a lipoma on the forehead, and so it’s very unlikely that I’m going to be able to pop it out whole. And in this case, yes, I’m finding myself having to take it out in pieces.” It’s never not incredible, the pleasure she derives from the gore of her life’s work.

The lipoma belonged to 37-year-old Steve from Traverse City, Michigan.


His main objective: to be able to wear his hat to the back like he did when he and love were young. “When I first met my wife Mandy, I didn’t have the bump and I used to wear hats all the time,” he explained. “She always said she fell in love with me because I always had a backwards hat on. I don’t wear hats anymore because I get a pressure behind my eye and it kinda shoots down in my nose. And so if it’s gone, I can start wearing my hats again.” You know how sometimes someone tells you everything you need to know about their life, their struggles and, in this case, their marriage, without telling you very much at all? I believe that is what was happening. It’s like Scenes from a Marriage with bulging knots and oozing sores. Steve’s wife Mandy confirmed, “I just really want you to be able wear your hats again.” I got the feeling their entire future together was riding on Dr. Lee’s ability to remove the tennis ball-sized lump on Steve’s head.

Here is something to be terrified of: Dr. PP suggested that Steve’s lipoma may have resulted from a hit on the head. A bump that begot a bump, if you will. Dr. PP calls it a “traumatic lipoma.” I’m already traumatized that I’ve been given a new thing to worry about. I hit my head all the time!

During the removal of Steve’s lipoma, Dr. Lee compared its makeup to both eggs and scalloped potatoes. I don’t think that’s fair? You can’t be mixing metaphors like that. On previous episodes, she has suggested that when a food-like substance oozes out of a body she’s treating, it doesn’t ruin her appetite or impede her from enjoying the lunch she may go on to have that day. Here, she announced, “It’s like an egg yolk lipoma. It makes us hungry for some eggs! Scrambled eggs!” So this job of hers is inducing cravings. I am in no position to call this “sick” (after all, she is the doctor), but that is so much to deal with. I guess maybe it’s healthy that she found a job that activates her tastebuds via fatty deposits and mucus. Who are we to judge?

You can see in this clip that Mandy was way more enthusiastic about this surgery than Steve, not just because of what it meant for her husband’s ability to wear baseball caps (and the ensuing attraction). She just seemed to enjoy the experience, the thrill of the pop. The same could be said for the wife of another rather squeamish patient, Alan, who gushed about, “Just stuff that looks like chicken, basically, comin’ out of his arm. It’s adorable.”

This is sooooo cute!!!

I’m sending you home with an old-fashioned pop from Nicole, a 41 year old from Sacramento, whose pre-Dr. PP neck was lined with lumps (steatocystomas). I haven’t posted one of these in a while. These make sounds as they release. Feels good to be back.

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