Pregnant Woman Attacked By Neighbor For Witchcraft


A Florida woman who was six months pregnant was attacked by a neighbor with a large rock because she thought she was performing witchcraft. Esther Horton was in her driveway, putting her four-year-old son in a car seat when Annie Olomua came running towards her, screamed an obscenity and threw the rock at her head. Luckily, Horton ducked and it only hit her in the arm.

Horton’s husband was able to restrain Olomua until police arrived, who then arrested the woman for aggravated battery. According to ActionNewsJax, Olomua claimed her neighbors were using witchcraft against her and her family over recent months, but there’s no mention of why exactly Olomua had these suspicions. Was the neighborhood overrun by goths? Did she spy on someone’s extensive crystal collection? Most likely there was nothing that could have caused Olomua to think people were giving her the ojo and she actually just has some serious problems. Horton and her husband hope Olomua receives psychiatric help. “”Just putting her in jail time is not going to solve anything,” she said. Olomua was also arrested in California for child abuse seven years ago, so there’s that.

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