Pretty Wild: Alleged Victim Of Bling Ring Allegedly Confronts Alleged Teen Robber


On last night’s episode, the girls hired Paul Oakenfold to DJ their younger sister’s Sweet 16 party. When he arrived, Oakenfold recognized Alexis Neiers‘ name in connection with the Bling Ring, and accused her of trying to rob his house.

Most likely, Oakenfold was just fucking with Alexis, because his name has never been mentioned in any of the media coverage about the teenage robbery ring—whether in Vanity Fair, 20/20, or Dateline—and because he immediately dropped the issue and went inside and DJ’d the party.

In other—yet similar—news, Alexis and Tess got in trouble for theft (again) this past Saturday. While hosting a party in a nightclub in Atlanta, the two girls were seen going to “the employee lounge several times to use the bathroom.” At the end of the night, the club’s security searched their bags and found $200 and the ID of one of the club’s employees in Alexis’ purse. The cops were called, and Alexis claimed she didn’t know how the ID got there, and that the cash was hers, but to avoid an arrest, she returned the ID and the cash to the employee. The cops did not file any charges.

Anyway, even though Oakenfold was only fucking with Alexis, she still locked herself in a room for a bit during the Sweet 16 event to have her own pity party, saying through tears, “No one who has actually been a victim of this has actually come up to me and said something like that. That is the most terrible thing ever.” If “the most terrible thing ever” is that a bloated celebrity DJ jokes around with you about your felony robbery charge, and then spins records in your backyard afterward, then there’s really no reason to cry, because life has been pretty awesome and easy for you.

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