She's Free

She's Free
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Felicity Huffman has been released after serving 11-days of her 14-day prison sentence for her involvement in the college admissions scandal. I don’t want to say that I’m proud of her for serving the 11 days, because I’m not, but also… ma’am?

According to NBC News, Huffman started her 14 day sentence at a low-security prison in Dublin, CA on October 15. She was set to be released on Sunday, but apparently prison policy states that if a prisoner is slated to be released on a weekend, they are actually released the Friday prior—sort of like when payday falls on a Sunday or a bank holiday, and you get a fun financial surprise. Huffman’s time in jail was brief and hopefully gave her a lot of unstructured time to think long and hard about what she did and how, maybe next time, she won’t do it again.

If I were Huffman’s close personal friend, here to offer her advice and a shoulder upon which to weep following her release, I would gently inquire whether or not she was the fall guy for her husband, William H. Macy. Do rich couples form an agreement in which they decide who will go to prison if it ever comes to that? If so, why Felicity? There’s probably no real reason for this agreement, because gaming a system that is already set up to reward the wealthy in this fashion is a bad look, but I’m not a famous person and will never profess to be.

Now that she’s back at home, well-rested from what was a very short prison sentence but a relatively long vacation, I’d like Felicity to think about what she’s done. Perspective is everything.

Correction: A previous version of this post stated that Felicity Huffman is married to Willem Dafoe. She is actually married to William H. Macy. Jezebel is really sorry and deeply regrets the error.

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