Principal Makes Racist Comment, Claims 'The Devil Was In My Mouth'


Last week, a high school graduation ceremony in Stone Mountain, GA ended prematurely after the valedictorian’s speech was accidentally skipped. As people began heading to their cars, Nancy Gordeuk, the school’s principal, approached the podium and attempted to keep them inside. “You people are bein’ so rude to not listen to this speech. It was my fault that we missed it in the program,” she screamed to the crowd. “Look who’s leavin’, all the black people.”

But while Gordeuk admits she made a “racist comment” last Friday, she insisted she’s not a full-blown racist in a statement published by WXIA. It was just the devil looking for a warm place to hang out!

A terrible mistake on my part was part of the graduation ceremony on Friday night. The devil was in the house and came out from my mouth. I deeply apologize for my racist comment and hope that forgiveness in in your hearts.

TPM reports the principal (and known weekend home of the devil’s) continued defending herself yesterday on MSNBC.

“My side is I’m not a racist,” Gordeuk said. “I didn’t know ‘black people’ was a racist term. I didn’t say the N-word or anything like that ‘cause that’s not in my vocabulary…All I saw were black people getting up and leaving,” Gordeuk continued. “And I said, ‘Oh, look who’s leaving, all the black people.’ So I made a statement. It wasn’t a racist remark. Anybody that knows me knows my heart is with these kids.”

Oh, Nancy. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. Being considerate enough to not use the N-word doesn’t mean you can’t make plenty of racist remarks using all the other words in that robust vocabulary of yours. And being racist isn’t a symptom of the devil hanging out in your mouth without permission, even if he does happen to be there a lot.

I think the person who filmed Gordeuk’s initial outburst put it best: “She’s off her rocker.”

Image via MSNBC.

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