Prosthetic Penis Trial Defendant Has a Panic Attack in Court


The ongoing and increasingly strange trial of Gayle Newland, a UK woman accused of sexually assaulting her blindfolded friend using a strap on and a false male identity, ground to a halt today after the defendant had a panic attack on the stand.

The alleged victim claims that Newland posed as a shy Filipino-Latino cancer survivor named Kye Fortune who asked that she wear a blindfold, a ruse she allegedly only discovered after removing the blindfold during their 5th sexual encounter. Newland claims that her friend was simply playing along with an elaborate fantasy, and that “she was the one who told me to go online and buy the strap-on.”

Newland began to break down as the prosecutor read text messages sent between the two after their breakup. One from the alleged victim reads, per The Mirror: “You have no explanation Gayle other than you are pure evil, worse than my ex. If I had not ripped off the mask I would not have known the evil truth.”

A response from Newland reads: “I’m not evil though, otherwise I wouldn’t have felt guilty about what I have done every single day.”

According to the Telegraph Newland explained in court: “I would have done anything to make her happy, even if it meant saying sorry for something that I had never done.” Newland said that there had been a final argument in which the woman, allegedly after removing the blindfold for the first time, called Newland “sick” and pushed her down the stairs.

“I felt like I had done something wrong. A part of me believed her when she said she didn’t know,” Newland said. But “I’m absolutely certain she could see. I don’t see any way she would have worn a blindfold for this entire situation.” After the argument, Newland “contemplated suicide,” eventually throwing herself into a river. She was rescued by police and hospitalized.

Before proceedings were halted, Newland told the court: “I would have done anything to keep that girl. Yes I look stupid. It’s embarrassing I have my whole family to hear this, they are the nicest family in the whole world, they don’t deserve this. I have done nothing wrong.”

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