PSA: If Your Wife Has to Cite Marie Kondo to Get You to Clean, the Problem Is You


Marie Kondo, the delightful organizational expert whose Netflix television program is newly responsible for my apartment’s dearth of silverware, has reportedly been ruining the lives and closets of menswear enthusiasts nationwide.

According to GQ, high-fashion menswear resell site Grailed has seen a startling uptick in sale items in the last few months. In fact, since Tidying Up With Marie Kondo debuted on Netflix, listings on the site doubled. The correlation is not, according to posters, a coincidence.

A number of “fiancees,” “girlfriends,” and “wives” have forced unwitting men to toss their beloved $500 shoes and Supreme hoodies that no longer sparked joy, i.e., took up way too much room in a closet that girlfriend or fiancee or wife was nice enough to let them share. This, apparently, has been difficult. “Barely worn, my wife is making me Marie Kondo it. Great,” one poster wrote, according to Twitter use @adultblackmale. “Only selling because my gf is Marie Kondo-ing the shit out of my closet,” wrote another.

A quick Twitter search of “Marie Kondo” and “wife” does indeed yield a number of concerned citizens wondering if Kondo’s meteoric rise is the beginning of the end for their beloved torn Hanes t-shirts, obsolete desk papers, and college sweatpants with the crotch torn out. On the other hand, there are plenty of men thanking Marie Kondo for getting their spouses to finally get rid of all their useless belongings, because clutter is genderless, and American Apparel’s neon tanks absolutely never sparked joy.

Anyway, if you’re upset your significant other is making you sell a $1,100 snakeskin jacket that you never wear but like to tell other people you have, you’re lucky she’s not tossing you out with the rest of the joyless crap. Just one clutter-submerged woman’s opinion!

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