Queen Elsa Finally Arrested After Multi-State Freezing Spree


The police have finally caught one of this century’s most unforgivable villains. After a winter laced with cruelty and temperatures like those we’ve never seen before (It was like 60 in San Francisco the other day), South Carolina police have finally apprehended the mercurial snow queen while she was in the act.

SF Gate points out that these photos, taken by Sakalas Photography are humorous, because you know someone’s going to believe that there’s a real Elsa and she’s actually being blamed for this, and that no one should take them seriously. And while the photos are kind of “hokey,” can you blame police departments across the country for trying to get in on the positive PR that Kentucky got after posting a warrant for Elsa’s arrest?

And it’s probably pretty good PR for the photographers, too. Which villain will they capture next?

Oh, and if you’re reading and shaking your head about this whole thing, let me show you some very real damage that Elsa could have caused. Check out what she did to this doorway, courtesy of the WTF subreddit.

Not so funny now, is it? Throw the entire library at her!

Images via Facebook/Photographs by Sakalas Photography

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