Queer Eye's Antoni Is Single Again

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Queer Eye's Antoni Is Single Again
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The game of love is rough indeed, even for expert avocado salad-crafters, and sadly, it appears Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski has lost another round. As a rare apologist for Antoni, a man who validated my habit of cooking plain shredded chicken for dinner and calling it gourmet, I am genuinely upset!

According to Page Six, Porowski has split with Flipping Out’s Trace Lehnhoff following an eight-month romance that started over Instagram DMs, how shockingly modern! Page Six didn’t offer an explanation for the breakup or wrest comment from Porowski, who is hopefully good and buried in a vat of whiskey punch. They did, however, note that Porowski deleted all trace (lol) (so sorry) of Lehnhoff from his Instagram account, minus a very nice photo they took with Justin Theroux, which suggests this breakup was tough.

This is the second breakup Queer Eye’s best semi-chef has gone through in about a year—last summer, Porowski ended a seven-year relationship with boyfriend Joey Krietemeyer. Antoni, do feel free to put as much ginger ale in that aforementioned whiskey punch as you wish, and may you soon find your next Fab One. [Page Six]

Kim Kardashian-West is not great at Photoshop. We have learned this before and will probably learn it 5,000 times again, until the internet finally explodes out humanity’s collective eyeballs and we can all live in peace.

Anyway, here is another example of very bad Photoshop, courtesy Kardashian-West’s Instagram and effort to plug her new ‘90s-inspired palettes:

Does this look like Kardashian-West? Nope! Sorry, Kim! [Page Six]

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