Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Has Broken Up With Boyfriend of 7 Years Joey Krietemeyer 

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Antoni Porowki, star of the Queer Eye reboot and budding purveyor of all things cauliflower and peas, has broken up with his boyfriend of seven years, Joey Krietemeyer. Us Weekly reported on Thursday that the relationship ended two months ago.

A source told Us Weekly, “Antoni and Joey broke up two months ago. It was very amicable. They’re still friends. It was a clean split.”

Porowski’s costar Karamo Brown told Us Weekly, “Antoni’s just happy in his life…. People don’t realize what a sweet, empathetic person he is. So I just love that he’s happy.” Which is a big pile of nothing—Antoni’s whole brand is being a sweet guy able to master only the simplest of recipes!

This is sad, because breakups are sad—and hard! But generative, maybe an excuse to try making puttanesca sauce for the first time, do a quick wardrobe update, take a selfie, refurbish some chairs, then invite everyone he knows over for hors d’oeuvres.

[Us Weekly]

Kim Kardashian is being criticized for her butt seeming smaller than usual in a new KKW Beauty campaign image.

Several commenters accused Kardashian—and by extension, I suppose, the small army that produced this photograph—of photoshopping Kim’s behind. I mean, the image doesn’t strike me as particularly un-airbrushed/edited, but I live my life assuming I’ll never quit know what Kim Kardashian, one of the most photographed humans in our hyper-visual age, actually looks like. And so I pass this alleged controversy on to you.


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