Quinto (And A Bunch Of Other Stars) At Indie Filmmaker Gala


The 2010 Independent Filmmaker Project spring gala at The DVF Studio in New York brought out Tamblyn and Bledel and Clarkson and Sigler. But, because we love you, we’re starting you off with Zachary Quinto.

The hostess herself, doing classic – even paradigmatic! – boho. I read a quote from her in which she said everything had to be comfortable – except her shoes, “which are torture.”

I want them to do a remake of Funny Face purely so that Patricia Clarkson can play Maggie Prescott and sing “Think Pink!” (Actually, I kind of want that less than anything in the world, because I can only imagine who’d horn in on Fred and Audrey. But that number would still be good.)

Amber Tamblyn wants the role too. She can’t have it, though.

It makes me unreasonably happy whenever Degrassi stars appear elsewhere in the world and yes I count Drake. Even when, like Nina Dobrev, they do so in what appears to be Cache’s prom collection.

A slightly more graceful – if too big? – take on color.

A for effort, Alexis. A for effort.

See, I feel like fashion mags are always telling us to mix high and low, glitz and jersey. But as Esti Ginzburg demonstrates, it’s actually really, really hard and can just look odd.

Paz de la Huerta‘s dress has a little of the “mistress-on-yacht-swimsuits” about it.

You know what Byrdie Bell‘s dress needs? More ruffles.

I just like that we’re at a point in fashion right now where you (and by “you” I mean Tara Subkoff) can wear chain-mail and bondage simultaneously and no one bats an eye.

[Images via Getty.]

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