R.I.P. Stefon: Bill Hader Is Leaving Saturday Night Live


That sound you’re hearing right now isn’t attempted suppressed laughter, but the tears of a thousand people who have just found out that they’ll no longer know what New York’s hottest club is because Saturday Night Live‘s City Correspondant Stefon is moving on.

The announcement isn’t a total surprise, given that Seth Meyers’ is leaving Weekend Update, and where would Stefon be without his straight man? Hader told the New York Times that, “It was a hard decision, but it has to happen at some point…It got to a point where I said, ‘Maybe it’s just time to go.’ ” No word yet on whether Fred Armisen and Jason Sudekis are leaving too, but in the meantime, enjoy this mash-up to help you grieve:

You can expect to continue to see Hader on the big screen, perhaps in increasingly leading men roles, though I think he really made Forgetting Sarah Marshall as Jason Segel’s step brother and best friend. The next exciting role he has planned is in The To Do List – you know, that movie that Aubrey Plaza fucks her way through – written by his wife Maggie Carey, which is out in July and has a great cast.

Hader consistently broke character during his Stefon performances, which were written by SNL‘s John Mulaney, who would often change the script at the last minute, which meant Hader had no idea what he’d be reading, creating rare moments where someone laughing while trying to get laughs was actually funny. (Mulaney had a pilot this season that NBC just passed on.)

Hader had an impressive run of eight years at SNL, playing lots of other characters. But Stefon was mostly the best, sorry not sorry.

Image via NBC

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