Rand Paul to Female TV Anchor: 'Shhhhh,' 'Calm Down'


You know what’s a great response when a mere woman presses you on the consequences of a policy proposal? To shush her, firmly, and tell her to calm down.

Time has video (via Feministing) of Senator Rand Paul doing just that. Paul appeared on CNBC Monday, and anchor Kelly Evans asked about vaccines, but it was when they started talking about a corporate tax holiday he’s pushing that the interview really hit the skids, with Paul #ACTUALLY-ing Evans, then shushing her, finger to his lips, and literally telling her to calm down. CALM DOWN, CRAZY LADY, AND LEMME FINISH:

After their conversation went back and forth some more—including a testy exchange about a recent Washington Post article chronicling Paul’s attempts to form a breakaway board of ophthalmology (a story which Paul didn’t particularly like)—he concluded their interview by turning a question about a 2016 presidential run into a little lecture on journalism:

“We are thinking about it… [but] part of the problem is that you end up having interviews like this where the interview is so slanted and full of distortions that you don’t get useful information,” Paul said. “I think this is what is bad about TV sometimes. So frankly, I think if we do this again, you need to start out with a little more objectivity going into the interview.”

I think maybe you’re confusing journalism with stenography, a popular discipline for ladies in the days before they were allowed jobs like TV anchor.

Image via screengrab/CNBC

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