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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Elisabeth Hasselbeck Unveils Her Women’s Separates: “Her designs are as recycled as her opinions.” We say: Someone is confusing closed-minded with clothes-minded. • Best comment Of The Day, in response to Should You Feel Guilty About Your Genetic Makeup?: “It seems that most of the commenters here are afraid of passing on their genes to biological children, and are therefore considering not having kids at all. I have to say, this makes me fear for the future of humanity. because just about everyone on here is smart, compassionate, and would probably make a great parent. and if you all don’t have kids, then only the idiots will be having them, and soon it’ll be just like Idiocracy. quite the horrid dystopia in which all the smart, successful people don’t have kids and all the morons have way too many. I know you have valid concerns, but please don’t let that get in the way of passing on all your totally awesome genes to some totally awesome miniature versions of yourselves, who will no doubt help better humanity in the future!” We say: Yes! Populate Earth with your punny, zombie-lovin’ rugrats. What a wonderful world. (Which is not to say that we’re volunteering to babysit.)

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