Real Housewives Fight — With Each Other — For Marriage Equality


Three divorcées, a tightly-wound Brooklynite and her comically ambiguous husband arrived at a demonstration for social progress and then proceeded to act like social morons when they all started fighting with each other over who had the right to speak at the event after Sonja—the grand marshal—wanted the exclusive right to give a speech. In some ways, Alex was right: his wasn’t Sonja’s day, but a day about marriage equality. In another way, Sonja was right: Why was Simon trying to act like a Housewife again? (Let’s face it—if this were Slade Smiley, no one would be on his side with this issue.) The scariest thing, though, was that Kelly was right. They all should’ve been ashamed of themselves when they realized that she was the voice of reason that day. But when it really comes down to it, with all their predictable self-absorbed bickering while wearing campy costumes, they no doubt made many gay men’s day.

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