Real Housewives Of O.C. Finale: Emotional Abuse, Alcohol Abuse


On last night’s season finale, Simon showed his true colors as repeatedly emotionally abused his wife Tamra, criticizing her clothing, her mothering, and her friends, until she finally screamed that she wanted a divorce.

The bickering began as the couple prepared to attend the show’s wrap party. By most people’s standards, Tamra’s dress was pretty conservative, showing no cleavage or curves. But Simon felt that it was too short, “age inappropriate,” and not befitting of a wife.

Simon continued to harangue Tamra in the limo ride to the party, telling her that he doesn’t like it when Vicki tells her to be a “strong and independent woman.” (Because that’s such a bad thing?) The fight got heated, as he questioned Tamra’s dedication to her children, until she flipped out and said that they wouldn’t be in their situation (in which she needs to leave her children to make money) because he doesn’t have a job. Then she asked for a divorce.

The way he tried to calm her down—demanding hugs and kisses, while proffering backhanded compliments—is typical of an abuse pattern.

The shit really hit the fan when Tamra confided in Vicki at the party. Simon made a beeline over to them, and asked to speak to Tamra privately so that he could control what she was telling people. Then he stormed out.

Meanwhile, Lynne’s teenage daughters got shitfaced (in front of their parents!) in the car ride over to the party, and then began ordering drinks. Instead of punishing them or even reprimanding them, Lynne and her husband sort of just brushed it off.

The girls’ epilogues were pretty hilarious.

And kind of sad.

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