Rebel Wilson Is Convinced Adele Hates Her

The Rebel Rising author writes that she felt like Adele avoided her in public "as if my fatness might rub off on her."

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Rebel Wilson Is Convinced Adele Hates Her

Few things are more rewarding in this lifetime than the press cycle of a celebrity’s memoir. Juicy gossip tidbits, decades-long feuds unveiled, random grudges explained—it feeds the yapper’s soul. Such has been the case with Rebel Wilson and her new book Rebel Rising, released earlier this week. So far, the tabloids have covered the star’s more serious sexual harassment allegations against Sacha Baron Cohen on the set of The Brothers Grimsby to less salacious intel, like Wilson losing her virginity at age 35 to an actor named Mickey Gooch Jr. 

Somewhere in the middle of the serious to salacious spectrum in the memoir, Wilson describes why she thinks British songstress Adele doesn’t like her. InTouch Weekly published an excerpt of the memoir:

“Some actresses would get offended if I called them plus-size in this book, so I have to be careful with what I say. This is why, I think, Adele hates me,” the actor purportedly writes. “There was a moment when she was bigger, and some people would confuse us for one another’

Wilson added that Adele “always quickly turns away” when they see one another in public, “as if my fatness might rub off on her if I were near her for more than thirty seconds.”

I don’t entirely know what to make of this. While Hollywood is undoubtedly cruel and unforgiving to fat stars (and hey! even skinny stars! Hollywood is just cruel and unforgiving!) this does sort of seem like a fabrication in Rebel’s mind. There could be a million reasons Adele doesn’t want to hang out with Rebel, none of which have to do with her body and maybe some of which have to do with the fact that Wilson used to lie about being 7 years younger than she actually is, or maybe she just doesn’t know Wilson very well at all?

I’m imagining the Mad Men “I don’t think about  you at all” elevator scene in this instance, seeing as how Adele hasn’t responded to these claims. Though, I do appreciate Wilson ending this throwaway thought with, “… I am assuming, because to be fair I’ve never asked her.” Thank you for being, fair, Rebel.

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